Easy Magic Tricks for Kids and Tips on How to Entertain Them

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Magic is indeed an amazing and awesome entertainment that both kids and adults alike enjoy. Of course, from the likes of David Blaine who makes levitation magic to making a train disappear in front of you, magic is indeed and truly is a wonderful entertainment.

Kids are easily amazed by the magic and the ‘unbelievable’ things they see, and thus they are great a great audience for some easy magic tricks for kids that you can learn in just a minute or two. Keep in mind that if you want to entertain kids with your magic, you have to do it with perfection. Kids are curious thus make sure that your execution is correct and that you have mastered the trick very well.

For some easy magic tricks for kids that are also best in kid parties and gatherings, you can give them coin magic, which is popular. You can also do those bird-on-the-hat magic or those hanky-turned-dove tricks which can really amaze kids. You may also do some science magic tricks that may involve basics things that you can find around – plastic cups, balls etc.

If you want to entertain kids with magic, here are few tips that you might find useful to guide you on how to make your magic trick presentation more appealing to children.

– Incorporate storytelling with your magic. Children love stories and by adding stories to the magic, they will make it more appealing and will also help you distract their attention from what you really are doing with your magic. Of course, that would create an extra impact on your magic.

– Avoid card tricks with kids especially with the very young ones. Kids may not be able to comprehend the trick involving the numbers and objects of the cards, so save those card tricks for children old enough to understand cards.

– Use attractive colors with your magic tricks. If you have a young audience, it helps catch their attention with a variety of bright colors instead of the dull ones. This will make your tricks extra appealing as children always love attractive colors and shapes.

– Pick magic tricks that are not too long. Keep in mind that children have short attention span and having tricks that can wear away their excitement may just kill the party, so make sure that you have short tricks and not so long ones to keep their attention at you.

– Animals are appealing parts of a magic trick when it comes to kids. They would love to see hankies turned into birds or rabbits pulled out from your hat. These are indeed amazing tricks that can leave the kids wonder in awe.

Avoid magic that may appear violent and harsh. If you want to get good bookings for your magic tricks, it is important that you can also impress the adults in the party. Keep in mind to make the execution of your magic superb and make sure too that you have that star factor that the audience is looking for so that the adults in the party can also recommend you to other parties as well.