Top 3 Magic Tips For Performing Free Magic Tricks

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Magic is something that fascinates a lot of people and has the capability of transporting the spectators from an ordinary world into that of fantasy and charm. Many Learn Free Magic Tricks online. A lot of upcoming magicians aspire to become like seasoned veterans like David Blaine, David Copperfield, Harry Houdini and P.C Sarcar. If you are going to do magic then you have to believe that you have the capability to perform magic. It might sound silly or very obvious but unless the magician has faith in himself/herself, he/she cannot expect the audience to believe in magic. Simply having the desire to perform magic and be a great magician is not enough – one should have the determination and the willingness to invest a lot of time and effort to practice performing tricks so that one can master the art of making people believe in illusions. Learning magic tricks entails coming up with illusions without using any props and with the help of props as well. A recommendation here is to entertain the audience while doing magic tricks and to keep them absorbed. The job of a magician is equivalent to the job of an entertainer, meaning if the magician comes across as a bad entertainer with no zeal or enthusiasm then no matter how great the magic trick is, no one will pay attention and the magician would lose his audience. Tips are always effective and good in any situation. So these come in handy when one is mastering the art of performing magic. You can pick up tips from the likes of expert magicians like David Blaine and Criss Angel when you watch them perform first hand. Of course the actual art of performing magic tricks cannot be taught or contained in step by step detailed instructions and one has to rely on his/her personality and wits to engage the audience and to retain their interest and attention. Even though there may be books on what to say before the magic trick, during the performance and after the performance, but one cannot simply blindly mouth these pre-written dialogues without really considering first whether they are apt or suitable for the audience and the situation. It is important to go with the flow. Thus, the magician can read tips and pick up pointers from there but ultimately it takes both knowledge as well as street smartness to put up a great show. The top 3 magic tips for performing magic are:

1. Small talks – These are very important during the performance, especially if it is a live performance. Depending on the efforts put in by the magician to ‘sell’ his magic trick to the audience, even an ordinary and basic magic trick can be transformed into an awe-inspiring and theatrical event. Dialogues are extremely important when it comes to performing magic tricks and the perfect set of dialogues can assist the magician in his/her act. The body language of the magician is important too and it is necessary to maintain eye contact to ensure that the audience is taking in every word spoken by the magician with great interest. As a magician one can also employ humor to make the magic show a successful one. There is nothing like a generous sprinkling of humor into the magic show that gets people amused and relaxed and it is best to perform magic in front of a relaxed but attentive audience.

2. Confidence – This is an essential element for every situation in life and not just for performing magic. There is a whole lot of difference between the reactions garnered by a confident magician and that of a nervous wreck. In order to make people believe that one possesses magical powers it is important to appear confident. However the element of confidence should not be confused with the element of cockiness because being confident is one thing and being cocky is another and besides no one likes a cocky magician. Even though you are pulling off a big magic trick, it is essential to appear confident and relaxed, as if it comes to you naturally. It is very natural that one may feel nervous before performing a magic trick, but a good magician always gets past the stage of nervousness and transforms into a confident magician once the show begins. The secret to being a confident magician is to practice repeatedly until you feel that the magic trick is a piece of cake.

3. The silent treatment – In order to become a good magician one should always give the audience the silent treatment. What is the silent treatment? Well, it is the ideal thing to give to the audience once you finish performing the magic trick. You should just remain silent and simply stare at them and it would drive them nuts because they would be extremely curious at that point of time with umpteen questions popping up in their minds. Just try it once and you will understand the power of the silent treatment. If silence is labeled as being golden, there is no better place to estimate its importance than during a magic show.